Using DDMT Teaching Model to Cultivate Critical Thinking in a STEAM Classroom

In an environment disrupted by technology, critical thinking is a crucial 21st Century Skill that allows learners to stay intact when any number of organizations (corporate, political, educational and cultural) try to influence readers to think and act in ways that serve their purposes [1]. It has also been emphasized in the ATC21S [2] project as […]

‘Stemaritans’ help breathe life into maths and science

With its STEM program, SIM academy has caught the attention of many international students looking to develop and hone their interests in the STEM subjects with meaningful applications. See how STEM experts, Dr. Turner and User Experience Designer Louis Puah, works hand-in-hand with their students at the SIM academy at Clementi Road. Read the full […]

清華建置STEAM學校 開發微課程供線上學習

教育部今天新聞稿指出,為帶領學生跨領域學習,培養運算思維與程式設計能力,因此補助清華大學辦理「探究、設計思考與實作導向的清華STEAM學校之建置計畫」,透過課程內容、教學評量與認證機制、師資培育,增進教師與師資生對STEAM教育專業知識的理解。 全文可以在此阅读。