Angel 蔡雁淳

Hi everyone, I'm Angel. STEAM exposes students to a creative atmosphere and increases critical thinking. It’s time for you to show off your impressive talents.

Ashley 許庭之

Hi, I’m Ashley, an aspiring preschool educator. My experiences with young learners reveals that skills such as 'Observation', 'Problem Identification and Solving' are important in daily lives. Please join me in my STEAM Education journey.

Jenny 廖郡淩

Hi, this is Jenny. I learned how to solve problems creatively in guiding students. Welcome to join our Tsing Hua Steam family!

Joy 龔筱淨

Hi everyone, my name is Joy. STEAM Education is a  new teaching approach. Personally, I use STEAM to stimulate children’s critical thinking to solve problems.

Shan 林玉旋

Hello everyone my name is SHAN.  My major is Learning sciences. We promote self-exploration by students. Our concerns are critical thinking and problem solving. Join us and enjoy a brand-new learning way!!

Stephen 徐永濬

My name is Yung Chun.

Education to me is about the formation of character. For this, I am willing to dedicate my whole life to education.

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